Become a volunteer

You can join our team by:

1. Serving as a volunteer and visit patients in the hospital. We’re currently looking for people who can spend an 60 to 90 minutes a week visiting Episcopal patients and their families at Stanford Hospital. Training is offered through the Hospital’s volunteer program and by our ministry. All volunteers work with Chaplain Tom to learn this ministry. Volunteers meet regularly with the Chaplain to discuss their work and gather three times a year as a group. We require our new volunteers to be Licensed Eucharistic Visors who are serving in their parish.

If you feel called to help as a volunteer in our ministry, please check consider applying for the Fall 2017 training program.

2. Joining our Prayer Care Team. Our Prayer Care program allows volunteers to join our Chaplain in praying for those who are in need.  This team is for people who want to pray for others from their homes or while in church or another quiet setting. Prayer Care volunteers do not visit patients in the hospital.   o protect people’s privacy, we only share first names or initials and a general prayer request with our volunteers.

We require that Prayer Care team members maintain strict confidentiality and not share information about these prayers. All Prayer Care volunteers are members of an Episcopal Church. You can apply online to become a Prayer Care volunteer.  You can also request prayer by using our E-prayer request form here.

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